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Thomas and the Magic Railroad - First and only theatrical movie, too much was taking out, final product is a bit of a mess.

Calling All Engines! and The Great Discovery - Meh

Hero of the Rails - First CGI production, New characters and the Sodor Steamworks are great additions, still has problems.

Misty Island Rescue - This when things really gone off the rails. I can't even.

Day of the Diesels - Somethings were okay like Diesel 10 and his portrayal. Nearly just as good as HOTR.

Blue Mountain Mystery and King of the Railway - While still shaky, these two movies were getting Thomas back on track.

Tale of the Brave - Managed to focus on 3 sides of the story with 1-5-6

The Adventure Begins - Best one. Not really debatable. Go watch TheUnluckyTugs Review if you don't believe me.

Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure - A Cinematic styled special which I'm pretty sure is what Magic Railroad should've been like.

The Great Race - Musical, Comedy, Diverse engines and has an official shipping. Definite favourite!
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August 25, 2016


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