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Donald and Douglas were sent to Brendam Docks to pick up a new engine and take it to Crovans Gate for re-gauging . “Dun’t yu think that it’s a wee bit dangerous for a large engine to be carried by flatbed?” said Donald. “It’s the best we can do on short notice.” Said the foreman. “Besides, Boco will be helping keeping him balanced.” Soon Boco came in with chains attached to his couplings. “These will keep him in place. I just hope it’s worth the delay’s.”

“What delays?” said Douglas. “Well I need the other track so I can use my chains, meaning that other engines might have to either back up or detour so we can get past.”

Soon, the engine arrived by boat and was waiting to be loaded. He was black with red lining, had the number 207 on both sides of his top lantern, a small cowcatcher and the words “Dean Harvey” written on his wheel arches. “Welcome to Sodor, matey!” called out a small red diesel. “The name’s Salty.

The Engine responded with a simple “Hey.”

“You look a bit heavy for my hook. Can’t believe I have to lift you up.” Said Cranky. “I’m right here mate!” he snapped.


“Anyway, what’s gonna to happen to my tender?” he asked

“Their taking it by road, which is more or less difficult taking you to the works.” Replied Boco. “Is it gonna take long?”

“Maybe.” The engine groaned.

“Cheer up lad.” Smiled Douglas “we’ll get there before you know it!”

Soon the engines were on there way

“Once we get past the castle ruins we’ll make a stop at the Rescue Center then keep going till we get there.” Called out Boco. 

“Right!” tooted the twins.

The journey was very quiet and peaceful. The new engine was quietly thinking to himself. But then he slowly started to frown and silently whispered a name.

Boco noticed and decided to cheer him up.

“Judging by your accent, your Australian, Right?”


“Do yu wunna talk about your old Railway?” asked Donald

“How about we get to the center first”


The Sodor Search and Rescue Centre was pretty busy moving all sorts off equipment around, including some stuff to help hold the new engine.

Harold spotted them ahead and told everyone to get ready.

Just as soon as they pulled up, Boco’s chains were coming lose and the flatbed was starting to wobble and shake. the engine started falling and shouting until---


The engine looked up and noticed a big crane, who swung his hook just in time.

“Looks like your first visit here was your first” Laughed Rocky.

The engine just blushed awkwardly as he was still dangling just a few feet from the ballast.

Soon as he was put back onto a platform with rails and properly secured, everyone was itching to know about the new engine.

Your probably sick of hearing new engine, just bear with me here.

“I wasn’t given a name when I was built, only because there was so many engines from my class. I just went by as Rx 207. I use to work on the South Australian Railway with some other engines: both steam and diesel a-like. Over the years the line split up into different gauges and I was eventually named after my builder Dean Harvey. I’m not really attached to the name though. My line was then named the Steamranger and became a volunteer tourist line. But eventually they just suddenly couldn’t afford steam… Specifically me.”

“Sorry, I don’t mean to ramble on.”

“No, continue.” Replied Boco

“Even though there was a museum back home for all sorts of engines, the was no room for me. Then a kind lady named Miss Cadence said she would buy me and have me work on a steam preserved railway. When she came to talk to me later I suddenly remembered that I meet her as a girl when she was sick.

I asked my crew if she could have a ride in my cab. Eventually when she was a teenager they left, but she promised to visit when she can.”

“What about Cameron?”


“You whispered his name before?”

“….Her name.”


“What? Don’t make that face!”


“Anyway, Cameron was a tank engine that worked on my line, she was inspiring to me. But eventually they had no plans to overhaul her and eventually disappeared when I was being fixed one time.”

He paused when he noticed Donald and Douglas seemed frightened. Knowing what they are about say might bring back awful memories of their own.


“You said she WAS a tank engine.”

“Well….. I don’t want to believe it…..but…….I think she might’ve been scrapped.”


Nobody knew what to say next.

The engine just looked down on the tracks with no expression his face.

It was getting dark. The workman were distracted listening to Rx’s story that they forgot to fixed up the flatbed so Rx had to stay on Rocky’s hook. Then all of a sudden, Butch came racing in with a Broad Gauge flatbed. After what happened, the manager sent a request to the Steamworks for a safer way to get there. Soon, Rx was ready to go. “Hey Rx! Good luck!” Shouted Boco. “if it makes you feel better, your going to love your new railway!”


The engines whistled, honked and shouted good luck.

The journey was still long, and eventually Rx fell asleep from listling to Butch’s rescue story’s.

The next morning , Rx felt something tapping on his face and was surprised to see a lady standing on his footplate and smiling.

The lady in question seemed at least 35 years old to Rx. She had a pink business suit with a white shirt underneath and high heels, blue eyes, long hair with moderate purple, moderate rose and pale gold, plush lips, and……. an hourglass body.

Rx didn’t want believe it was her after all these years, but….”Miss…Cadence?” he awkwardly asked.

“Its good to see you again, sweetie!”

She gave the confused loco a hug and a kiss on the face, leaving lipstick and two rosy cheeks behind.

“I know its a bit sudden, but I wanted to see you again so badly. How you been.”


“Good to hear! Now I like you to meet the people in charge of your overhaul.

Rx then noticed a man, an narrow gauge engine and a small mobile crane.

“Im Mister Phillips.” Said the man. “Im responsible for re-gauging a lot of engines for Sodor and other British railway’s.”

“Hello my friend! My name is Victor. Im in charge of the Steamworks. And this is my assistant Kevin.”

“Hello…um…Dean Harvey?”

Rx groaned. “Just call me Rx. Seriously, I need a better name.”

Miss Cadence giggled while trying to cover her mouth.

This is something that i did for an English assignment at my school. Ill upload a shorter version shortly. I don't plan on finishing it but rather re-write it.
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